Dr. Piotrowski serves as the Director for the Center of research on Children, Adolescents, and the Media (CcaM). CcaM is part of the Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR) at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. CcaM strives to better understand the role of media in children’s and adolescents’ lives. Research within CcaM is targeted at an academic audience as well as the public at large. In particular, CcaM research aims to:

  1. To explore and explain the consequences of children’s and adolescents’ media use
  2. To study the mechanisms that underlie the uses and effects of screen media

Consisting of more than twenty researchers, CcaM’s research focuses on how different media influence different users in different ways. CcaM’ers focus on entertainment and information in traditional media, such as television and advertising, but also on entertainment, information, and interpersonal communication in new media, such as social media and apps. Its orientation is interdisciplinary – drawing on psychological and sociological as well as on educational and communication theories. CcaM’s approach is also multi-methodological – using different research designs, including experimental, correlational, and causal-correlational research, as well as content analyses, surveys, and laboratory experiments to gather its data.

To learn more about the current research areas that researchers in CcaM are pursuing, please visit the CcaM website. Moreover, you are welcome to follow the CcaM Twitter feed (@CcaM_UvA) to learn about relevant research happening both within the center and worldwide.

For any questions about the Center, please email info[at]