Post-Doctoral Researcher (Co)-Supervisor

  • Dr. Jakob Ohme
  • Dr. Karin Fikkers
  • Dr. Ine Beyens

Doctoral Committee, (Co)-Promoter/Supervisor, University of Amsterdam

Doctoral Committee, External Member

  • Lara Schreurs, In Progress, Can social media literacy contribute to adolescents’ mental wellbeing? Developing a conceptual framework for the socialization of social media literacy and its role in mitigating adversarial social media effects, KU Leuven. Role: External expert scholar.
  • Nils Holmberg, December 2016, Effects of Online Advertising on Children’s Visual Attention and Task Performance During Free and Goal-Directed Internet Use, Lund University. Role: Faculty Opponent

Master Student Supervision, University of Amsterdam

  • Selam Habtemariam, June 2019, Moral Media: Can Media Prime Tweens Moral Intuitions? [Master degree]
  • Karla Hernandez Zaldivar, February 2019, Defining and Predicting Marathon Viewing [Master degree]
  • Hande Çorapcioğlu, February 2019, How digital literacy influences the effectiveness of workplace social media [Master degree]
  • Leslie Wheeler, February 2019, Making an influencer [Master degree]
  • Ramona Nouse, June 2018, #MeToo: The Motivations behind Hashtag Activism [Master degree]
  • Kelly Hrechdakian, June 2018, Virtual Reality, Authentic Empathy, and Experienced Presence [Master degree]
  • Daniella Janis, June 2018, Gender Stereotypes in Entertainment Media. [Master degree]
  • Brandi Burgus, February 2018, Finding and Redefining Finstagram: Multiple Instagram Account Use among Emerging Adults. [Master degree]
  • Maren Scheffler, June 2017, The Power of Minecraft. [Research Master degree]
  • Keren Kurlander, anticipated completion January 2017, Moral media? How exposure to morally ambiguous media influences the moral judgement of adolescents and emerging adults. [Research Master degree]
  • Tara Kaldenbach, February 2016, Bridging content & child characteristics: The role of epistemic curiosity in children’s learning from educational television and apps. [Research Master degree]
  • Laurian Meester, June 2015, Can apps support children’s creativity? The role of individual and stimuli characteristics in predicting effects. [Research Master degree]
  • Anna Diamessis, October 2014, The association of educational media use and parent mediation on preschoolers’ language development.
  • Maria Athanasopoulou, May 2014, Combatting the thin ideal: The effect of average-sized television characters on body satisfaction and self-esteem of young women
  • Claudia Schwenk, May 2013, Cyber relationships: A qualitative study investigation of online dating motives among emerging adults
  • Janice Sanches da Veiga, May 2013, What are television shows teaching teens about sexual identity? A content-analysis of Dutch teenagers’ favorite shows

BA Thesis Supervision, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

  • Fashina Aladé, May 2011, To sing or not to sing: The use of musical interstitials in educational television for preschoolers