Entertaining Generation Digital


I had the pleasure of speaking at the Turner Summit (Cartoon Network) in London. I was challenged to think about how we can entertain generation digital. It was a fun challenge that I happily accepted!

During my talk, I encouraged the audience to see the value in both hedonic (enjoyment) and eudaemonic (meaningful) attributes of entertainment content, and why both are valuable during childhood. As always, I highlighted the benefits of nuanced approaches to understanding today’s media space and I called into question traditional KPIs that focus on ‘time’ as opposed to experience. With that, I also highlighted what we know about creating entertainment media content for tweens and teens – and pushed the audience to be ready for what’s ahead in the digital space – and the value of user centered design in thinking through how to best make for our digital world. The audience was engaged and thoughtful, and it was clear that everyone felt that urgency to be responsible media makers that focus on ‘value-added’ as opposed to bottom-lines. A true pleasure.

If you attended the talk and would like a copy of my slides, please comment here.