To Share, Or Not To Share

Sharenting – or the practice of parents posting information about their children via digital technology – is receiving increasing attention from parents, practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. I recently sat down with Dr. Anisha Abraham to discuss this topic for her Global Teens Today Newsletter. A snippet from the article is posted below.

Do You Sharent?
Sharenting is the practice of sharing photos and other personal information about our kids via digital technology. According to digital media expert and author of Plugged In, Jessica Piotrowski, many parents post pictures of their kids on Facebook, WhatsApp and other sites without checking if it’s OK with their children first. To build trust, foster independence and to protect their needs, she suggests that parents check in with their children and teens. By checking in with your kids, you also model the importance of having them ask their peers for permission to share images. So next time, you post that pic, ask beforehand!” – Global Teens Today